Selecting a Plasma Cutter

So planning to purchase a plasma cutter!!! It is perplexed to select a piece of equipment that is new to you with so many manufacturers and models to choose from. Let’s approach the problem logically.

 Like welding machines, a plasma cutter’s amperage and voltage capacities determines “size”.   It is essential to know that the plasma requires relatively high voltage and low amperage levels, the opposite of welding. Many people judge machines solely seeing amperage while buying. While this is an essential indicator to remember that total output amperage equals to amperage times voltage. It is advisable to prefer maths calculation to obtain an accurate product comparison. The cutting capacity of a particular “size” plasma machines varies greatly by manufacturer.

Knowing cutting speeds for the thickness of metal being cut helps you to calculate the production rates, typically in parts per hour. Plasma cutting requires two basic elements- air and electricity so the next question to ask when selecting a plasma cutter is what type of input power is available. When working in the field, many contractors and fabricators only source of power comes from an engine-driven welding generator’s auxiliary power. Most manufacturers of hand-held plasma cutters recommend using ordinary air as the cutting gas. Plasma cutters use either “high frequency start” or “contact start” technology to initiate the pilot arc. If you plan to use a plasma cutter near telephones, computers, CNC machines or other electronic equipment, be aware that high frequency often interferes with electronic controls.

Make your choice intelligently and your plasma cutter will give you robust performances for long span of time. It is most advisable to not to buy plasma cutters on the basis of costs. It will be viable to purchase inexpensive machines which do not serve your purpose at all after buying.

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