Plasma Cutting System

With several intrinsic benefits of plasma cutting technology playing in its favor to make it the first choice in metal cuttings, it will be pertinent to look at the ways one can reduce the production cost.

In metal cutting projects where air plasma cutting machines are used, the production cost can be greatly influenced by the judicious use of electrodes and the preventive maintenance/cleaning of the instrument, as explained below. But a brief about the basics of plasma cutting will be a good starting point for better understanding.

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Improve your plasma cut quality

The sphere of plasma arc cutting is expanding fast with additions of new areas for its applications. What was first developed for the cutting of stainless steel and aluminum is now widely being used for cutting copper, brass, and other conductive metals as well.

With high speed and precision cutting to its advantage, plasma cutting calls for the right techniques and skills to improve the appearance of the cut. Here are some lessons:

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